A Small Business With an Eye for Detail


     Isler Custom Gun Works is a small firearms part design and manufacturing business located outside of Charlotte, NC. We offer a large range of services, from full firearms design and construction, partial to complete lightweight upper assemblies, individual parts sales, and even firearms sales and transfers. ICGW is an FFL07  licensed manufacturer.

    We have seen an increased demand for lightweight, high-strength firearm components in both the competitive firearms market and within the civilian market, as well. We apply engineering software to produce lighter high-strength components, materials that are higher quality than the industry standard and experienced CNC machining processes that result in high-quality components.

After 30 plus years as a professional race engine builder in Sport Cars, Indy Cars and now NASCAR, We have gained an understanding regarding materials, machining processes, coatings, etc...  All of this is incorporated into each part we make for a quality result.



What sets us apart from the rest?


     All of our parts are designed to be as light as possible and as strong as possible. Our custom designed handguards are constructed from lightweight filament wound carbon fiber. Our low profile adjustable gas blocks are made from a lightweight titanium alloy that allows for a significant reduction in weight and size, while maintaining its strength and durability. We offer other innovative engineered parts and will continue to expand and improve our product line. 

     This dedication to quality and care does not end with our custom designed components, it is carried through the entire experience, whether you are interested in a handful of parts or a complete design and build. All additional components are sourced from only the highest quality manufacturers in the industry - V7 Weapons Systems, Spikes Tactical and Black Hole Weaponry to name a few.  If it does not live up to our no compromises standard, then it won't be sold by us!