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ICGW v1.0 Customer Reviews

JBeder - Sept 13, 2021

Mark, received my 17" .308 handguard today and am very impressed with the qualiyu of the carbon fiber material and the well conceived m-lock placement. The inclusion of the shims and the comprehensive installation directions is also a nice addition. I have 3 0r 4 other carbon fiber guards in various configurations but this Isler unit is at the pinnacle of handguard quality. I also appreciate you letting me use the alternate payment method. My wife added up my last project and after I revived her it was a tense afternoon. LOL

Jim Rothbarth - July 11, 2020

Great service and advice. This is a very solid product.

Mark Colasante - Apr 19, 2019

I've been competing with my MPX for 3 years and have been using the other carbon fiber option . I thought I was happy with it until I put on the ICGW 13.5. What a difference! Perfect fit. Much stronger than my last hand guard, yet weighs less. Quality, feel and appearance are top notch too. My only regret is that I waited this long to get it!

Paul H - Aug 3, 2018

I ordered the 15 inch MPX handguard. It was in my hands 2 days later. The fit, finish, and quality are superb. The customer service was outstanding!

Shane M - July 10, 2018

I talked to Mark on a Wendsday afternoon, told him I needed the 13.5 handguard for my JP Gmr-13 by the next weekend, he told me the Machinist would be working on them Friday, then he shipped it Saturday morning and I had it on Monday, Now that is customer service right there. And the whole time kept in contact with me via email, and since then, Mark has sent me a couple more emails to see how everything worked out and to make sure it went on well. All I can say is the the fit, finish and installation was perfect. The instructions and pictures with the kit was perfect. And the customer service was the best I have ever had. Thank you Mark for a great product, and for all of your help. Can't wait for my next purchase

John Westbrook - July 11, 2020

I am currently running Isler carbon fiber handguards on bot my Sig MPX 9mm and an AR15 in .223 both are very well made products , light weight , very well fit . one of the nicest products of its kind that I have seen to date. great customer service and well worth the money. JW

Charles L. - Oct 16, 2017

Great products and awesome customer service. Thank you!!!!

Tina L - Sept 26, 2017

My husband and I where looking for a light weight and quality made handguard for our Sig Sauer MPX 9mm. We looked at several options before decided on the “Isler Custom Gun Works” 13.5 hand guard! We where able to meet the owner, Mark Isler at a local gun range and we where very impressed with the kindness, great customer service, and knowledge that Mark has about the gun industry. If your looking for a quality handguard to lighten your gun, with no wiggle, tight fitting and small diameter than look no further! This handguard lightened my gun half a pound from the original handguard that came on the MPX! We are 110% satisfied with our “Isler Custom Gun Works” handguard! Thanks Mark for a quality piece of work!

Jim B - Sept 25, 2017

I was looking for a lighter handguard for my Sig MCX 9mm. Also, a handguard with no wobble or wiggle and one with a smaller diameter. The name "Isler Custom Gun Works" kept popping up in the conversation. I ordered the handguard. I am 100% satisfied. I've used it in 5-6 matches so far and it really makes the difference where comfort, maneuvrability and control matter. I also had the pleasure of meeting the owner at a local match the other day. He cares about his products and took the time see them in action. Great purchase.